Akon, Youtube, and 15 year old

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tracker, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Tracker

    Tracker Administrator Staff Member

    Appears a little mix up has happened recently that has to deal with Akon and a tour he was on.

    What Akon has to say about the incident

    [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZL1IHw6ea8[/media][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_Y2cHfWeO8[/media][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBRjrqDrGg4[/media]It appears the young 15 year old knew what she was doing as she was in a club for 18 year olds. So there is no way Akon would have known she was underage.

    15 Year old Danah Alleyne
    Talks as if she was a victim but the pictures speak other wise. As for Michelle Malkin I don't know

    Then from the history of what normally goes on at the shows that behavior is not unusual.

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  2. slim11

    slim11 New Member

    Well Im here sitting having some beer just happen to run in to this site and the topic and honestly fuc- all of you that blame akon who realy cares if she was dry fuc-ed by him she liked it dont ever tell me she dindt just look at her shes hot and looks like she's 20 something come on realy she got in cause she's hot and it's all about the money man so dont blame him cause deep down all you fuc-s would of done the same and to bring up his passed fuc-k man thats just low and very erelevent plus the pics speek lowder then words and realy you state people are realy fuked you get more years in prison for sleeping with an underaged girl then commiting merder well think of it. and by the way slim if you read this you me man where like bros we are similar in almost every way ecept in size you left handed me left handed you have a daughter me have one same age you born in 1972 me in 1982 you like to draw wanted to be an artis me i was for a while i am curently in my 3d year coollleage for graphic disign well thats all oh and if you dont like my spelling fuc-k yall
  3. Tracker

    Tracker Administrator Staff Member

    Right, was she wrong for being in the club to begin with? Yes, is any of the problems Akon's fault, not at all. If it was not for the video footage then it would be harder to find out the truth but the camera did not lie so the story could have been twisted and turned but he would have still been in the good because of the video. I just fell bad for Akon as he had no idea of the true situation and was going on as he normally does entertaining the people.

    This incident has somewhat tarnished his image I am just glad nothing else happened to a further extent to where he may have ended up in trouble with the law. So I guess he is now more couscous and suspicious now after the event.
  4. Budo7

    Budo7 New Member

    Just your media at work, and they would have spun that for all it was worth.
    However thanks to the Video, which clearly shows the girl having a blast.
  5. Tracker

    Tracker Administrator Staff Member

    Yep if it wasn't for the video then we the people would just have to by what the media says. But the video shows she was having a wonderful time.
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