College Network...Getting past?


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Obviously, Im unfortunate enough to reside under a college network. The ports are "stealthed" (or as far as my network knowledge goes that means blocked). I can connect to games and play for a random amount of time, sometimes as long as 10 min. But, some sooner then others, I soon get the horrible message "Connection Interrupted" and lag like hell. My ping is fine during the times were the network gods allow me to play, but when they get angry it becomes nearly impossible to do anything in multiplayer. The strange thing is, if I disconnect and connect to ANOTHER server, the process repeats (Im able to play for a certain amount of time, then lagged out again). I'm pretty sure if I rejoin the same server, the problem persists right off the bat. It also seems to happen when the server changes map. Is this a problem with my network? Or are players expieriencing the same issues? Is it that ports cant be "stealthed"( But then how is it that I can play)?
Moreover, is it possible to use such software as HTTP-Tunnel to get around what the networks preventing me to do? The network guys are not very accomodating. At all... Thanks for any help.


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Some players have been known to tunnel through their own dedicated proxy server to get to what they are trying to get too using SSH2 encryption. I have not done it myself but proxies normally let you get to places that were blocked once before.

I suspect that your network admins have hardware/software on the network that sends reset TCP/UDP packets to you after a certain period of time to help keep the network usage down. The packets they send out would reset any active persistent connections causing you to disconnect from any game server that you were playing on. They may also toggle the port on/off for those suspected videogame ports to cause disconnects while they sit in their lazyboy and laugh :D