EVGA introduces inDtube


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EVGA introduces inDtube:

A compact USB 2.0 Hybrid TV Tuner capable of decoding both NTSC and the newer ATSC signals as well as over-the-air Hi-Definition Television up to 1080i. Designed to be easily taken with you on vacation, business trips, or for use in your own backyard with a notebook computer, inDtube is the solution for a complete "TV anywhere" package. Not only a TV Tuner, inDtube will also capture video and audio from external sources. This feature allows you to save your older media in to a digital format which can easily be shared amongst your friends and family.

  • ATSC NTSC Signals
  • Hi-Definition (over-the-air)
  • Electronic Program Guides
  • DVR Functions
  • Windows XP, MCE, Vista 32 support
  • S-Video, Composite Video, Stereo Audio (AV-Input Cable)


  • Portable, Magnetic, Telescopic Antenna
  • Remote Control
  • USB Extension Cable
  • AV-Input Adapter
  • F-Connector to MCX Adapter
  • Printed Manual
  • Driver and Applications Disc