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Why hello there!

sooooo, mr THS has dragged me over here by my ankles and told me to register and get posting! im sure he means spam this place somethign awful, so as it is my duty i thought id start with a thread to welcome myself to Superb Development!....coz well, someones gotta!

So yeah for those who dont know me

Im PepsiChic, THS found me on and um im a chick from Britain, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'5", 98lbs. did i mention im BRITISH?! (im not american ths!)

i play BF2(most mods), BF2142, BF1942:FH, CS:S, and CoH.

I have a website over at PepsiChic’s Playground: the blog so go ahead and read my non-sense on there and um yeah leave me a comment let me think im loved (even if im not!)

Im a tad hyper active right now, but i have been up working all night! Anyway theres my little intro piece, not very professional but i need a cream egg so i'll bbl to check up on this :)




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SPAM, I don't see any SPAM and hope it stays away.:)
I haven't talked to PepsiChic in some time. I wonder if she still plays videogames :confused: