vBulletin.com Hacked Again

Discussion in 'News Articles' started by Tracker, Nov 2, 2015.

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    It appears that vbulletin.com has been hacked again and all customer information may have also been leaked.


    vBulletin.org site that hosts mods for the vBulletin software appears to also have been affected as all sites are currently showing as being unavailable. There has not been an official announcement from Internet Brands the parent company of vBulletin Solutions for over 24 hours since the breach.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 6.58.56 AM.png

    It also appears the sites are currently hosted behind F5 Load Balancer(s) so they may have been protected if they were using the Application Security Manager and a security focuses CDN like Akamai or CloudFlare to help intercept possible Zero Day exploits that may have been used to hack the software. Security wise, it is recommend that all vBulletin customers migrate to a different software vendor for their communities and insure any any credit or debit cards stored with vBulletin be frozen and have new cards issued by their bank.

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