Windows Slow DNS Lookups solutions and fix


Staff member
Many of you have probably had slow DNS and tried everything in the book to try to resolve the problem without success.

You might have tried everything from:
Opening your command prompt and typing ipconfig/flushdns and noticing dns lookups are still extremly slow.

You might have heard of changing your DNS servers manually in your network connection properties under IPv4 or IPV6 Properties and still noticed extremly slow DNS.

There is also the Disable then re-enabling your network card in the network connections section for your NICs and this might have not have been successful either.

Well there is another solution that is not commonly talked about.
Open up services and disable the DNS Client for Windows, this simple step can at times increase your DNS lookups and solve your random extremely slow DNS lookups on your Windows machine.

If your wondering how to get to services this is simple you can right-click My Computer or Computer, click on manage, then under Services and applications click on services and navigate to DNS Client and stop/disable it. Then try to access a few websites, once you have done this try starting up the DNS client again to see how it works for you, if you still run into problems again you can turn of Windows DNS Client.

I hope this has helped many of you as I am sure you share the same frustration of having to wait for a slow DNS lookup to occur when you need to get work done.